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  • Super Easy to Use

    Super Easy to Use

  • Powerful & Scalable

    Powerful & Scalable

  • Revenue Boost

    Revenue Boost

  • In a country where what you see is not what you get, there’s one eCommerce platform that delivers on its promise - OrderOnline.lk. Packed with all the essential ingredients for your eCommerce success, OrderOnline.lk is something heaven-sent for Sri Lankan businesses particularly at this time of crisis.

Get All the Core Features to Run your Business Online

Whether you plan to take your existing business online or to start a new business online, OrderOnline.lk now provides you with all the essential features to set up and run your online shop. Regardless of your industry, whether you’re a retailer or a wholesaler, OrderOnline.lk will equip you with a fabulous online store with tremendous upward potential.

  • Branded website for the business

    Branded eCommerce Website

    Owning a branded eCommerce website is no more an expensive dream. OrderOnline.lk helps you own a classy and feature- rich eCommerce website at a highly affordable price so that shoppers will be easily enticed into buying on it.

  • Mobile-friendly Design to Fit any Screen

    Mobile-friendly & Fits on any Screen

    Most online buying happens through the smartphones. Your Orderonline.lk eCommerce Website is built to be aligned smoothly on the smart mobile devices and desktops allowing shoppers to browse, search, place orders, and check out on them with no hassle, at all.

  • Facility for Online Order Placement

    Simple, Easy & Secure Online Ordering Interface

    Simple & easy online ordering interface with many eCommerce tools makes online ordering more convenient and enjoyable for shoppers whilst driving up revenue. It’s so intuitively designed that your shoppers would be really impressed.

  • Hassle-free Order Management System

    User-friendly Order Management System (OMS)

    This versatile OMS enables managing your online store very easily and also capturing, tracking, and fulfilling orders on both tabs & desktops with alerts. What’s more, it’s remarkably efficient and hassle-free.

  • Customer Information Management and Grouping

    Shopper Details Management with Grouping Capability

    Shoppers’ details such as names, email addresses, phone numbers and what they’ve bought are automatically saved under their consent with options for grouping shoppers and editing their details. A shopper information database like this will be very useful for marketing.

  • Intuitive Shopping Cart

    Intuitive & Convenient Shopping Cart

    It facilitates a convenient shopping experience with an enticing storefront, product details, fast checkout, and order tracking (with order reference) etc. Where required, a payment gateway can be integrated into it at an extra charge.

  • Manage Multiple Shops with a Single Account

    Manage Multiple Stores with a Single Account

    Our best-in-class multi store integrations allow you to take orders from a centralized point while customers can select the nearest or the most convenient store for order fulfilment. The administrator can maintain separate opening hours, product category listing, stock details and order types for each shop as well (e.g. - Cash on delivery, Store Pickup, etc)

  • User Management Function with Multiple Permission Layers

    User Management with Multiple Permission Levels

    OrderOnline.lk store admin console allows you to delegate different functions to your staff (users) with multiple permission levels. This permits you precise functional management enabling you to put each of them clearly on specific tasks with the right permission levels set.

  • Manage Offers (Price Discounts and the likes)

    Promotion & Offer Management

    Promotions can be carried out with the pre-defined criteria such as price discounts, etc. The promotional offers can be set for the customer group category or for product SKU (stock keeping unit) as a percentage of the product price, a fixed amount, or with the final price adjusted for the discount. It’s all configured to occur automatically with specific starting & ending dates and times.

  • Cross-selling & Upselling Options

    Cross-selling & Upselling Options

    Cross-selling and upselling options largely contribute to an increase in sales. The system upsells and cross- sells products around the selected one with the tagging “you may also like”, “people also bought”, “recommended for you”, “you might want to try this”, and ‘this may go with it’, etc.

  • Facility to Show Featured Products

    Showcasing Featured Products

    Featured products are your major revenue contributors that attract shoppers’ attention. It not only allows convenience to the shopper, but it also makes your online store follow the eCommerce best practices. Your best- selling products are going to sell even better this way.

  • Facility for Basic Product Attribute Management

    Basic Product Variations (Attributes) Management

    OrderOnline.lk facilitates basic attribute management through allowing you to define and set category-specific attributes such as variety, brands, tags, sizes, and price, which help shoppers browse and explore the products and eventually filter it down to what they really want to buy.

  • Product Search & Filtering Options

    Product Search & Filtering Options

    OrderOnline.lk provides product search facilities with product names & details and voice search, etc. while products can be filtered by the tags and sorted by the alphabetical order of the product names and ascending and descending order of the product prices. Together these make for a smoother shopping experience.

  • Sell via Multiple Channels

    Sell via Multiple Channels

    Your eCommerce website built on OrderOnline.lk platform enables you to sell your products through numerous channels such as the website itself (hosted on orderonline.lk or on your own domain), Mobile App, and Facebook.

  • Best eCommerce Hosting

    Best eCommerce Hosting

    OrderOnline.lk eCommerce websites enjoy the most secure and reliable hosting and CDN (Content Delivery Network) respectively by Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the world’s most trusted hosting service providers and Amazon Cloudfront

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  • Up your Revenue by a Significant Percentage

    Up your Revenue by a Significant Percentage

    When you have an online shop, where customers can place their orders online, you begin to reach out to a much wider customer base than you do now, which amplifies the potential for more conversions, more sales and higher revenue. Plus, it’s quite convenient and time-saving for your customers who no longer have to drive up to your shop to place their orders. Your online shop is highly scalable in that you can show a whole lot more products on it at a fraction of the cost it takes to showcase the same in your physical showroom space. And you can share your online shop’s URL on multiple digital channels driving your potential reach even higher. All in all, it can up your revenue considerably.

  • Excellent Features & Functionality

    Excellent Features & Functionality

    Every Online Shop powered by OrderOnline.lk sports excellent features and functionality. While it’s complete with everything that’s essential to set up an online store, it’s even more powerful and secure in that it ensures terrific functionality minimising the possibility of errors in the form of confusions, incorrect orders, order duplications, order omissions, overcharging and undercharging and the likes. In sum, it’s absolutely easy for your customers to use and for you to manage their orders and all the details pertaining to them.

  • Hassle Free & Cost-effective

    Hassle Free & Cost-effective

    This Online Ordering System lets your customers place orders online and change as much as they like before they check out without any hassles during browsing, selection, editing, or adding to the cart. Nor will they experience any inconvenience during the check-out. It’s hard to believe that you can get so much for so little. But, then consider yourself lucky to avail yourself of OrderOnline.lk. You can invest your savings on developing your business further while there can be no price tag for the peace of mind it gives you without causing any hassle to you or your customers.

  • Encourage Social Distancing

    Encourage Social Distancing

    Due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in Sri Lanka and elsewhere in the world at the moment, social distancing has been imposed by the public health authorities as a major containment measure. This has given rise to a boom in online business where the least physical interaction is involved and where the risk of contracting the feared disease is minimal as a result of that. OrderOnline.lk now opens a world of opportunity to Sri Lankan businesses to harness this vast potential online while rendering an important service in enabling people to buy products online without having to show up at a physical store and also in promoting social distancing in a bid to contain the spread of this highly contagious disease.

  • eCommerce for All Businesses

    eCommerce for All Businesses

    OrderOnline.lk is here to democratise eCommerce for all kinds of Sri Lankan business, SMEs or large scale enterprises, retailers or wholesalers, established ventures or startups operating in any industry. A simplified eCommerce solution, OrderOnline.lk shops can be set up without graphic design skills or eCommerce web development skills. While you can get started immediately, it’s such an easy learning curve that you’ll get familiar with every nook and corner of it within the space of a few days. Just trust our claim there can’t be a simpler eCommerce store than ours. Nor can you find a more versatile one for this price, either.

eCommerce Solutions for any Business in any Industry

eCommerce Solutions for any Business in any Industry

Our Clients

  • MeatHouse.lk


    MeatHouse.lk, the online meat store owned by Keells Food Products PLC is entirely built on the OrderOnline.lk platform and offers a seamless shopping experience.

    View Shop

  •  The Radh

    The Radh Kandy

    The Radh, the iconic boutique hotel in Kandy entrusted OrderOnline.lk to power the online foodshop of Café Radh and Café Nihonbashi, which is remarkably well now.

    View Shop

  • A R J Recharge

    A R J Recharge

    A R J Recharge, a company providing Dish TV connections, recharges, CCTV sales and installation, and a host of related accessories is now selling online with OrderOnline.lk.

    View Shop

  • Suntech


    Suntech, a specialised hand sanitiser retailer, has found the perfect eCommerce Solution to successfully ply their trade online with OrderOnline.lk

    View Shop

  • Laviestore


    Laviestore operates an online store selling Health care & Cleaning products, Spices & Powders, and Grocery Items which is all powered by OrderOnline.lk

    View Shop

  • MetDealz


    MetDealz online shop powered by OrderOnline.lk retails PPE such as face masks, mobile accessories, power sockets and baby care items.

    View Shop

  • Fruitloom


    Fruitloom found a fabulous eCommerce platform on OrderOnline.lk thanks to which they are running a successful online operation

    View Shop

  • Agro Base

    Agro Base

    Agro Base found a great online outlet for their agricultural products with OrderOnline.lk They find their products In high demand online.

    View Shop

  • Falcon

    Falcon Stationery

    Falcon Stationery made an astute choice when they decided on OrderOnline.lk to power their online stationery store, which is a successful operation now.

    View Shop

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